How Do We Help

The Women’s Business Initiative offers services that provide a motivational and educational perspective on fundamental issues challenging growing businesses. Delivering thought provoking and frank accounts of their experiences, our presenters give our members the drive to develop forward-thinking ideas and strategies to build their organizations and grow their companies.

We also connect our members with mentors in a variety of industries.  As this decision is a personal choice, we develop a forum in which our members are able to meet individuals who could serve as a mentor.  Our forums provide an environment in which our members are able to get to know one another by sharing ideas and debating strategic issues.  As participants, our members are encouraged to put forward their ideas, opinions and perspective and create a truly interactive experience.The WBI is dedicated to the concept of business growth through collaboration.  Its exclusive network will offer resources that address the following best business practices:
  • Optimizing your brand
  • Risk management
  • Compliance
  • Government regulation navigation
  • Problem-solving concierge service
  • Pre-screened service providers
  • Step-by-step checklists for easy implementation
  • Model policies and procedures
  • Managing your employees
  • Legal pitfalls
  • and many more…. Members will be able to select topics on which they would like presentations.

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