The Women’s Business Initiative (“WBI”) is an advocacy group for women business owners to grow their companies by creating a collaborative network that serves as a resource in achieving this goal.  The WBI also seeks to develop an economic infrastructure within its community to support and facilitate the growth of women businesses.


In August 2017, Kristina Maritczak launched the Women’s Business Initiative.   It was comprised of a collaborative group of leaders from diverse professional backgrounds who strived to engage others in our community to join in achieving the mission of the WBI.  After a few meetings of the WBI, it became clear that there was a need to make the ideas of the WBI members become a reality.In January 2018, Kristina founded Align (www.aligncatalyst.com) whose role was to implement the ideas of the WBI.  The WBI functioned as a type of “think tank” that met regularly and addressed specific topics on economic development, the business atmosphere in the South South and the needs of women owned businesses.  These meetings generated a passion and positive energy around these issues.  The work of the think tank has been made a reality through Align’s efforts.

Recent Growth

In June 2019, Align is relaunching the Women’s Business Initiative to become a group driven by the constituency it serves.  Align will continue to serve as a resource to the WBI, while the WBI will become a non-profit organization with a Board of Directors and Advisory Board.

The Board of Directors is comprised of women business owners located in the South Puget Sound.  Their role will be to advocate for women-owned businesses by constructing an exclusive network of women business owners who seek to grow their businesses.  The Board will identify resources to assist women in engaging in best practices in growing their businesses.

Amongst the WBI’s offerings will be educational sessions paired with networking opportunities, day-long seminars, access to mentoring, a concierge process for trouble-shooting, to name a few.

The Advisory Board will be comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds who come from government, non-profits,  foundations, universities, large corporations, law, business consulting, veterans advocacy groups, women’s advocacy groups, banking and financial services.  The Advisory Board serves as a resource to the Board to help achieve the WBI’s mission.

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